QAMometor is a new generation platform to measure the efficiency & effectiveness of the entire Software Testing Lifecycle of a project.

QAMometor will let you access a huge number of preconfigured & custom metrics with just a few mouse clicks. With some really innovative and cool features, QAMometor provides you with quantitative data points to measure the quality of deliverable. It reduces your dependency on excel sheet to create & maintain complex test metrics. A very intuitive user interface makes QAMometor the easiest tool in the world to use in this category.

Measuring QA Productivity has never been this easy

With a fully configurable Metrics module, you get the flexibility of using metrics from a huge array of inbuilt test metrics or creating your own test metrics. A super intuitive user interface makes this a cakewalk even for first time users of QAMometor.

What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)

No programming or knowledge of complex excel formulas is required for QAMometor. A simple yet robust User Interface lets you configure the metrics & dashboard using few mouse clicks. This feature makes QAMometor the easiest productivity management tool in the world.

Real Time Reporting and Monitoring

Comprehensive graphs and reports provide full visibility and transparency of the testing cycle with the ability to mitigate risks earlier without impacting delivery dates and compromising on quality. 


Track QA Productivity effortlessly

That’s right, the QAMometor lets you customize your Dashboard for every project. Create multiple dashboards and add interactive graphs & tables to each dashboard using the Graphs feature with just a few mouse clicks.


Single Source of Truth for measuring the quality of your quality team

Get rid of the hassle of maintaining multiple excel workbook versions for every project and every release. QAMometor will become your single source of truth for QA productivity management spanning across all projects & release.

Attractive Cost-Effective Installation Modes

The ability to deploy QAMometor in the cloud, host it on your servers or obtain perpetual licenses attracts many customers worldwide from startups to Fortune 500 companies.


Dashboards & Reporting

With QAMometor, you get different graphs & reports to give you a complete perspective of the quality assurance progress.

Charts and Graph

Choose from more than 20 charts and add data set to manage charts and graphs.



Allows you to add multiple organizations a.k.a. Line of Business or Business Units and create projects under each LOB or Business Unit with dedicated charts and graphs.


The Heart of QAMometor which lets you configure & add different QA Metrics. This module also allows you to create your own metrics and render the same on dashboard.


You can configure external API to get data from Github, Jenkis and other tools


The user management module which lets you add or delete users.